Transporting Your Motorbike

Reasons to Buy a Mini-Trailer

The kids had gone to stay with their grandparents. We had the week to ourselves and decided to tour the countryside. Why is life so complicated? The wife packs everything but the kitchen sink, so we have too much luggage to transport on the motorbike. She who must be obeyed says the suitcases, Holdalls, bags, and motorcycle will fit into a small trailer. I say we don't own a small cargo trailer, but she says she knows where we can buy a cheap tow trailer. I tell her our car doesn't have a tow hitch. She says she knows a garage mechanic who will fit a new tow hitch. Hours later, we are the proud owners of a gleaming stainless steel towing hitch. Our Harley Davidson and holiday gear are packed into the sparkling transporter trailer and we are ready to head off on our travels.

Extra information about mini trailers

Getting Ready to Drive with a Trailer in Tow

It's years since we have towed anything, let alone a small utility trailer filled packed with a motorbike and a ton of luggage. Before driving off, we double checked the jockey wheel and the stabilizer was wound up properly. We ensured the tow hitch was properly fixed to the shiny tow bar. After plugging in the electrics, we checked the brake, tail, and indicator and number plate lights worked as they should. A spare car number plate was clipped into position and we were ready to roll.

Driving with a Small Trailer

It is relatively easy to drive forwards when towing mini trailers, but trailer reversing is much more difficult. When driving forward you take corners wide, brake gently and allow extra parking space. Tow a trailer behind a car and the lower speed limit always applies. When approaching a corner, I remembered I had to turn sharply to avoid clipping the curb. My good lady also reminded me of the golden rule of towing. If the trailer starts to snake, you gently, brake to bring it back into line with the vehicle.

Trailer for Sale

No damage was done during transit. The auto, the bike, and the lightweight trailer arrived at their destination safely. We hadn't stopped to consider the pros and cons of trailer towing, in hindsight, maybe we should. We enjoyed a well-earned rest and my parents did a grand job of entertaining the youngsters. Has the towing experience put us off traveling the high roads and byroads again? No. So the mini-trailer won't be going up for sale anytime soon.